Nihonbashi Hall Overview

Please allow us to serve your business needs through our formal and elegant hall, located in the historic and traditional town of Nihonbashi.

In addition to convenient access with a direct connection to Nihonbashi Station, we offer halls for a variety of uses, from seminars and exhibitions to reunions and more, including a spacious foyer as well as sound, lighting, and video equipment.

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Facility details/example layouts

Halls 1+2

This spacious and luxurious space has 5m high ceilings.
Featuring a large screen, stage spotlights and other furnishings, it is perfect not only for seminars but also for presentations and recitals.

Halls 1+2 Example layout

ホール1+2 立食 150名 ホール1+2 スクール形式 165席 ホール1+2 シアター形式 238席 ホール1+2 立食 150名 ホール1+2 スクール形式 162名 ホール1+2 シアター形式 216席

Hall 1

It is possible to make partitions to fit the scale of your event using Halls 1+2 with equivalent facilities.

Hall 1 Example layout

ホール1 立食 150名 ホール1 スクール形式 90席 ホール1 シアター形式 136席

Hall 2

It can be used for company conferences or subcommittees, or as a waiting room when using Hall 1, as well as for many other uses.

Hall 2 Example layout

ホール2 立食 50名 ホール2 スクール形式 42席 ホール2 シアター形式 64席
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