Process for usage

Inquiries regarding

For information regarding vacancies, please inquire by phone or through our inquiries form.
Hours of Reception: Weekdays 9:00-17:00  TEL:(+81) 3-6281-9493

Reception of tentative reservations

We will hold a room for you as a tentative reservation while you are submitting the application.
We only hold tentative reservations for a period of 1 week, so please promptly submit the application.

Submission of formal application for use

After you submit your application for use, we will issue you a reservation certificate.
Once this reservation certificate is issued, your reservation will be finalized.

Planning meeting

You will meet with our representative to confirm the usage layout, required equipment, catering services, and other plans for the day of use.

Payment of usage fees

Please pay the usage fee by bank transfer no later than 1 week prior to usage.

Day of use

On the day of use, staff members will be stationed to provide support.

Cancellation fees for hall use (including fees for extended use)

We charge the following cancelation fees.
-From application up to 60 days before date of use: 30% of the planned usage fee
-From 59 to 30 days before date of use: 50% of planned usage fee
-From 29 days before date of use: 100% of planned usage fee
*Please see the Nihonbashi Hall usage guide for details.

Nihonbashi Hall Point of contact
for inquirie
Phone reception
(weekdays 9:00-17:00)
(+81) 3-6281-9493 (+81) 3-6281-9493
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